An opera by Joel Feigin, after the play by William Shakespeare

Cast List

Viola - full lyric soprano
Olivia - light lyric soprano
Orsino - full lyric tenor
Sebastian - light lyric tenor
Feste - baritone
Malvolio - baritone
Sir Toby Belch - bass
Sir Andrew Aguecheek - tenor
Maria - coloratura soprano
Antonio - bass
Fabian* - baritone
A Captain* - baritone
Officer** - baritone
Priest** - baritone

Small Chorus SATB 3-6 singers to a part

*The parts of the Captain and Fabian may be taken by the same singer.

**The parts of the Officer and the Priest may be taken by members of the chorus


2 Flutes (Flute 2 doubling Piccolo)
1 Oboe
2 Clarinets in A and B flat
2 Bassoons

2 Horns in F
Piano, doubling Celesta
Percussion, one player:

Vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, crotales, very low tam tam, high tam tam, 3 suspended cymbals, very high triangle, very low bass drum, two snare drums


Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass

Ideally, the strings would include 2 double basses, with upper strings in proportion.